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The Golden State Warriors

When it comes to basketball, there is no better league than the one right here in the United States, and this is called the National Basketball Association or the NBA. Everyone knows that the NBA is by far one of the most talented leagues out of all professional sports and athletes from all over the world come to the United States to play in the NBA and make a name and a bunch of money for themselves because if you play basketball then the NBA is the place for you to make a bunch of money, and we all know that when it comes to the NBA there are a few teams that are doing really good and then the rest of the teams are just following behind those elite teams making a name for themselves but in the end are just competing against one of the elite teams that are more than likely going to come home with the championship, and this is definitely a pretty common story with the NBA because for a long team there have always been a few teams and athletes that have been able to put together successful and consistent franchises over the past years, and that means that when we think of the league as a whole we are saying that there are a bunch of normal, but still really good teams, and then there are about a handful of teams that have a good shot of winning the championship, and of course the league is divided into western and eastern conferences and this makes a big difference because a few of the championship contenders are currently in the western conference so we know that the western playoffs are going to be really interesting this year and that is definitely something that is really exciting, but is not so much in the east.

When it comes to the eastern conference there is only one team that has a significant chance to win the championship and that is LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, and of course the rest of the teams in the east are going to do their best to try to stop LeBron and the Cavaliers from reaching the finals this year I don’t really see it happening because this team is by far more elite than the rest of the conference and this is partly why LeBron has been able to win the eastern conference about the past five years in a row and there really isn’t any argument to say that they won’t win the east this year because there hasn’t been a team except maybe Toronto who has emerged as the team that can compete with them, but they will probably win the east, but it is winning it all that matters to LeBron and Cleveland, and that is where they will run into one of the best teams in the league that do have what it takes to beat them handedly, especially the Golden State Warriors.

The Golden State Warriors led by Stephen Curry is definitely the team that is making headlines right now because they are on track to be the best team in NBA history in terms of regular season record, and they will be beating Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls team when they probably end up beating the record later this year, and this is a really special moment in NBA history, but we should also consider that in order for this team to make it to the finals and win again they will have to get past teams like the San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Clippers and these teams definitely won’t be easy, but they probably will have what it takes to drain threes and win every game because that is exactly what they tend to do.



National Basketball Association

When it comes to the NBA or the National Basketball Association we are talking about some of the world’s best athletes and obviously the world’s best basketball players, and there really is no denying the fact that the NBA has the best basketball players the world has ever known, and that’s just the cold hard truth. The NBA is so full of talent that it is probably one of the most difficult leagues to get into as compared to the rest of the most talented professional sports leagues around the world, and of course you have to be pretty tall and talented in all different ways to get into the NBA. 

This year we are currently just starting up the second half of the NBA’s 2016 regular season, and because we are just at the half way point of the season there obviously still is a lot of basketball to be played and there definitely is a lot of time for things to change, injuries to take place and the odds of teams winning the whole championship later this year to change. We definitely don’t know who is going to win because there really is no telling, but just like all other sports analysts we can guess as to which teams have the best chance at winning the NBA championship later this season because there definitely are some serious favorite teams that have the most talent, best coaching staffs and the best chances to win it all later this year during the playoffs. So if you are interested in knowing who might win it all later this year, then you’re in the right spot on the internet because this website is dedicated to the best teams in the NBA for the 2016 season, and of course which teams might win the championship or at least go really far in the playoffs.

So the next team that we are going to discuss as one of the best teams in the NBA for this current season is going to be the Los Angeles Clippers, and the thing is about the Clippers is that they are currently going through some disarray, but their team is good enough to go far into the playoffs and maybe even compete against some of the top teams in the Western Conference to try to get to the finals. The thing is that they are a complete team and they definitely have a lot of depth in their bench in which they can bring people like Jamal Crawford off their bench and get even more productivity and points then with their starters. They also are really deep on the bench just in general, and that’s really important when you are trying to make a playoff run in the NBA. Of course you also need some super stars who can take over a game at any given moment and win the game for you in the clutch, and they have that in Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, as well as JJ Redick, but that is yet to be seen on the three point specialist. 

Of course when it comes to Los Angeles and the city itself they want to have a winning team again because the Lakers and Kobe Bryant are currently in last place and just flat out stink, but that’s the beauty of having two teams play in the same building because now the team in Los Angeles is the Clippers, and they are definitely going to be bringing some LA heat to the NBA playoffs later this year, and I think if they can get everything together and really mold together, and if DeAndre Jordan can start to make his free throws when they matter most, then they will have a good chance at doing well in the playoffs.

The Regualar Season

There is definitely a lot of hype going around in the world of basketball recently, especially in the NBA, which we all know is the best basketball league in the entire world and there is no denying that fact. The NBA is definitely a really exciting league in terms of the world of basketball, but what exactly is going to happen when the playoffs come around this 2016 season is definitely up for grabs and is definitely still up in the air.

Although we are just at the half way point of the regular season and we have seen which teams are doing well and which teams are really bad, there still are so many teams that are neck and neck in the standings that it is pretty hard to tell where the rankings will be at the end of the season and of course what will happen during the always exciting NBA playoffs later this year. In terms of the Eastern Conference there are so many teams that are within four games behind the third place spot, so the standings are extremely tight, and then there are the Cleveland Cavaliers who are by far the front runner to win the East and they are poised to make another run at the championship, which is a pretty good guess because they probably are the best team in the eastern conference and will win that part of the playoffs just because they are that good. In the Western Conference we obviously have two unbelievably good teams in the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs, but there are also two or three other good teams in the west who definitely have a shot at winning the conference and competing with the Warriors and Spurs in a seven game series that is winner take all playoff style.

So if you just so happen to be the type of person who is obsessed with basketball and the NBA in particular then you are in a good spot online because all of these articles are dedicated to the best NBA teams of the 2016 season, and because they are dedicated to the NBA and its best teams you the reader will have a much better understanding of which teams have the best shot of winning it all later this year in the playoffs, and you’ll be able to place your bets on the right teams and maybe even win a shit ton of money, who knows, right?

So the next team that we are going to talk about, which obviously varies from the other teams that we have already talked about is the Oklahoma City Thunder, and of course this team sometimes gets overlooked because they have never won a championship and they are obviously not in a very cool place because Oklahoma City is in the middle of Oklahoma, but the fans love them there and they have a seriously good team on their hands. Arguably the most talented player in the league Kevin Durant is teamed up with another one of the league’s best players with Russell Westbrook, and it’s true that these two players are probably the best duo in the whole league, and these two players along with the rest of their team have a chance at going far into the playoffs, but it is going to come down to the rest of their team besides Durant and Westbrook. The dynamic duo will definitely score a lot of points and do very well in the playoffs, but they are going to need a ton of contribution from the rest of the team, which is possible, but it definitely isn’t like their whole team is full of super stars like Durant, but they are lead by two super stars which is pretty impressive.

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The Trade Hotline

There is definitely a lot of hype that is going around within the whispers and rumors of the trade deadline in the NBA, and of course there have been some moves made but nothing to crazy. The Cavaliers got Frye from the Magic in at three team deal, but of course that isn’t too crazy and it doesn’t look like Blake Griffin is going to be leaving the Los Angeles Clippers anytime soon, which is a good decision for the Clippers because Griffin is definitely one of the most talented players in the league. But of course this year’s NBA season is going to be really hard to decipher in terms of who has the best chance of winning the championship this year because there are definitely a good amount of teams that have the potential to win it all this year, and they are all going to be going for it when the playoffs come around later this year. Having said that we are here to put together a list of what we think are the best NBA teams of the 2016 season, and although these teams may not be the most objective list in terms of the best teams in the NBA it is pretty close because we know which teams have the best chances, and it definitely is going to be hard to tell because when it comes to the Eastern Conference we know that the Cleveland Cavaliers are probably going to win the conference, but when it comes to the west it is a lot harder to know which teams have the best shot. Of course there is the front runner with the Golden States Warriors who are on the verge of going for a record season of the best regular season record in the league’s entire history, which is super impressive, but there is another team in the west that is still right behind the Warriors in the standings even though they are doing so well, and that team is the San Antonio Spurs.  

So maybe you aren’t that interested in basketball but you like to bet on sports, or maybe you are a huge Spurs fan or just an NBA and basketball enthusiast like a ton of people in the United States, well then you are in the right place because this entire site is all about the best NBA teams of the 2016 season and which teams have the best shot and the title this year and why. We have already discussed a few teams that have a good chance of winning and the next team that we are going to talk about in our list of the best NBA teams of the 2016 season is the San Antonio Spurs and their chances of winning yet another championship under their awesome and talented coach Greg Popovich. 

Coach Popovich is probably one of the main reason why the Spurs have such a good chance at winning the championship this season, and he definitely has a good enough team that knows each other so well that can put together a good run towards the Western Conference playoffs and win some series, but of course it is probably going to come down to them versus the Golden State Warriors, as well as the Oklahoma City Thunder or the Los Angeles Clippers. I think that these series in all regards are going to be very tight and exciting, but this team definitely has so much playoff and championship experience so the challenge of winning a playoff series doesn’t phase the Spurs at all, and that’s really important to how successful they’ve been over the years. With players that have been around and won so much like Tim Duncan and Tony Parker you know that this team definitely is talented enough to go for another run into the playoffs, and their team basketball and great defensive mindset has definitely been what has fueled their success in recent years.

US Basketball

When it comes to basketball everyone knows that the United States is by far the best and most talented country the sport has ever known, and maybe that is partly because the sport was invented here in the States but it also has to do with the extreme popularity among the population. If you think about it you can not go to a city park in the United States without there being at least one basketball hoop, and I know this because my father is a landscape architect who designs city parks so he definitely understands that he has to give a bunch of space to the sport of basketball because that is what most people are going to want to do because basketball is the sport that people enjoy maybe the most out of any other sport in the United States.

That’s definitely saying something because there are definitely a lot of talented leagues and athletes of basketball when it comes to the global scale, but all of the very best basketball players flood into America to play in the NBA, and that is part of what makes the USA the place to be for basketball. So if you just so happen to be a big fan of the NBA and you want to know more about your favorite teams and which teams have the best shot during the playoffs this year then you have definitely come to the right website because all of these articles are dedicated to the best NBA teams of the 2016 season, and that’s definitely important because if you like to bet on sports you are going to want to know which teams are your safest and riskiest bets going into this year’s post season which will be sooner rather than later. 

What’s so epic about this year is that there is one very special team that may even be one of the best teams in the history of the NBA, and I think anyone who knows the league knows exactly which team I’m talking about. I’m talking about the Golden State Warriors, and I think you would have to be crazy to think that they don’t have a serious chance at repeating as NBA Champions later this year. With the likes of Stephen Curry, who is now the most talented player in the game of basketball, it is really hard for anyone to bet against this team. It’s ok that Curry may not be huge like LeBron because he literally is the best shooter of a basketball that anyone has ever seen, and what is funny for me is that I grew up with Stephen Curry and went to basketball camp with him multiple times, and he was always really exciting to watch even when he was in High School.  But still way back then no one expected him to be as good as he is today, and he really is one of the most amazing talents the game has ever known, and his team is fully on his back and just as good as he is. Partly what makes the Golden State Warriors such a good team is their bench depth with players like Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala, but they are also a team that is dedicated to defense and that definitely makes a big difference in the NBA when you have the best shooters on your team with Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry and a good defensive team, it makes them really hard to beat, and they’ll definitely be hard to beat come playoff time and there is absolutely no doubt about that.

NBA 2016

Best teams in the NBA 2016 season

When it comes down to the best teams and sports that America enjoys the most we have to start thinking about American football and the NFL, hockey, which is technically a Canadian sport with the NHL and of course basketball with the NBA. There is no denying that the NBA is one of the most exciting professional sports leagues that the United States has to offer the world, and of course the best players from all over the world flood into the NBA Draft and try to get into the very coveted basketball league. Of course Europe definitely has some very competitive basketball leagues where a ton of talented professionals play on great teams, but there is no league in the world that comes anywhere close to comparing to the National Basketball Association in the United States, and that will always be the case.


Maybe you aren’t the type of person who is super interested in basketball or the NBA, or maybe you are a die hard NBA fan, well then you have definitely come to an interesting spot on the internet because this list of articles is dedicated to the best teams in the NBA during the current 2016 season, and what we are going to do is discuss each team and what makes them so good, and of course their chances of winning the championship later this year. Right now the NBA is just getting through their mid-season All-Star break, so pretty much the season is right at the half way mark and we have a good indication of which teams are the best in the league and which teams have a chance at going for it all.


The first team that we are going to talk about in this list of articles is going to be the Cleveland Cavaliers, and as everyone knows this team is the host of the world’s most talented player in the world, which is arguable these days, but with LeBron James on your team you definitely have a good chance of making it to the championship and even winning. LeBron has made it to the finals the past two years and lost, once when he was still on the Miami Heat and of course last year when the Cavaliers lost to the Golden State Warriors. What is going to have to change for this team for them to get over the hump and bring Cleveland their first NBA Championship in a really long time? It’s hard to say, but this team has not been short of the dramatics in recent weeks because they recently fired their head coach even though they are in first place in the Eastern Conference and definitely a front runner to win the East this year, so why exactly did they feel the need to fire their coach? Well, LeBron says he had nothing to do with it and was very surprised by all of that happening, but let’s be honest, if LeBron and the players were having any kind of difficulty with their head coach that was only going to hurt them in the long run because in order to win a championship a coach needs to have the full faith of the whole team so that they can all buy into what the coach is selling and the game plans he will put together.


It’s hard to say what will happen in the playoffs this year, but with LeBron, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving and a whole set of great role players the Cleveland Cavaliers definitely have a good shot this year of going deep into the playoffs and probably the finals, but that isn’t good enough for this team anymore and winning is the only objective. Anything short of a championship is a failure for LeBron James, and it will be interesting for him to go for it all in his hometown with all of his good players with him unlike last year.